Front-End Beginners Project Ideas For Developers | 2022

Frontend Development Project Idea
Front-End Beginners Project Ideas For Developers | 2022

If you are a developer or just getting started with the process, then you must already be aware of how important the role of developing live projects is. It will not only improve your coding skills but will also help you develop a passion for it. You can start by taking up online tutorials to learn a skill or two, but it must lead to starting to build the programs eventually.


There are many project ideas that you can come up with to work on. But sometimes it so happens that we want to create something great, only to realize that they have lesser ideas. We have all been there and it has happened to the best of us. So, what can you do in such a situation? Well, just like always, we have got you covered.

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We have rounded up at least 10 of the best beginner project ideas you can go through when you are into front-end development. Let us go ahead and learn what these are:

1. Personal Website

Creating a personal website is among the most simple yet daunting front-end projects to work on. If you are good at something, you can display those skills on your website along with a portfolio. You can detail it as much as possible. For this reason, independent web designers and developers prefer to have delightful personal websites where they showcase their entire background.

To have the website entertaining, exclusive, and engaging, you’ll have to use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will most likely understand how you can design a webpage with HTML after completing this project, style its features with CSS, and make the site interactive with JS.

2. JavaScript Quiz Game

When you actually learn JavaScript, understanding how to implement your knowledge, and deciding on a project within the range of your abilities can be very challenging. A very good starting place is to build a small quiz game. You’ll have to cope with incredibly abstract logic, and it is really yours to rein in and/or build upon the spectrum of quiz difficulty.

Begin with developing a simple game that poses 4 MCQs. Assign correct answers to each one of them while making these questions up. In programming, you’ll learn a great deal about data management and building a scoring system. Don’t waste too much time concentrating on the design of what you make. And once you get acquainted with CSS, you will not have to worry about the styling too.

3. Vue Instant Messaging App

Another of JavaScript’s most common libraries is Vue. Before you begin the project, you must have a deep understanding of using JS. Creating a chat app would certainly boost your experience and enhance your knowledge even more.

The fundamentals of Vue.js and using CSS frameworks should be known to you. It will take some work to create a proper interactive app, but it’ll be worthwhile in the end. You can take it one step further and by adding possibilities for capturing audio messages, sharing files as well as images through the same platform. This project idea might look a bit complicated at first, but it is certainly worth the time and effort. You’d also get acquainted with the user experience and user interface.

Messaging App

4. Mobile QR Reader

The way we shop nowadays has evolved with barcodes and QR codes coming into the picture. Consumers can now easily scan a product and find different data about it on their smartphones, such as the price or where they can purchase it. It also removes the need to input long codes such as activation codes or model numbers on a website, making it simpler and hassle-free for their shopping experience.

You wouldn’t even need a native phone app to search QR codes, contrary to what some might believe. The camera of your smartphone will do just the deal for you. You can make use of HTML and JavaScript, but most importantly, you’re going to use a JS library that can read QR code. The excellent thing is that for this very reason, you won’t have to produce it from scratch because there are plenty of great libraries nowadays.

5. Weather App

Angular, alongside React and Vue.js, is among the three most common front-end development frameworks. It is often used to create form-based applications (wherein one has to register to make an account), but it could also be used to develop games and even apps with aspects of virtual reality.

A simple, streamlined style with beautiful illustrations and a basic interface can be made to feature in such an app. You can play around with the colors and fonts according to what suits you.

What’s nice about this project is that you’re going to get a sense of what creating a functional, responsive app from scratch looks like. From downloading Node.js and Angular CLI to checking your code with LightHouse, you can learn everything.

6. Quasar Audio Player

Quasar is a developer-focused, front-end framework that uses elements of VueJS. A lot of things like Hybrid Mobile applications, Single Page Apps, and browser extensions can be built using it. In the market, Quasar is pretty recent, and learning about it will allow you to stay updated with the latest developments. While we have centred this article on front-end project ideas for beginners, we can’t just ignore Quasar.

You’d be using Quasar in this project to create an audio player app. For your audio player app design, you may draw ideas from Soundcloud. You must be acquainted with the Android studio before you start this project and you will be absolutely good to go.

Audio Player

7. Svelte List App

Svelte was introduced to the market in 2016 and it is entirely novel compared to other common frameworks such as Angular and Vue. It does, however, have unique features that make it quite unique. And in your profession, as a front-end web developer, having a thorough understanding of it will certainly benefit you. Svelte has better run-time performance since system references are not used by its applications. Instead, DOM manipulation is done by its applications.

With Svelte, components, and event handlers, you can create a list application. You can make use of CSS for styling the design. With numerous choices, like using emoticons or recording audio messages via the application, your list app should have a basic and convenient interface. You might be wondering why list apps are not that unique, however, it would still look good on your CV.

8. Content Management System

Content Management Systems are getting pretty popular these days. WordPress, Magento, and Joomla are just three of the web’s most significant CMS tools that are known to most people. You can create a CMS for your portfolio websites as part of your front-end projects as well. In such a project, you can display all the tasks or assignments you have completed so far. Developing a CMS would also make you acquainted with the activities of various CMS platforms, and you would know how to use them to create stronger websites.

By incorporating several functions into your CMS, you will make the project more interesting. You may provide the choice to schedule blog posts also. Or you can easily add a customized slideshow feature. You might already be acquainted with several elements of web development and content management systems after you complete this project.

9. Use Giphy API To Create a GIFs Page

Unless you are living under a rock, you must be aware of giphy and might already be using it. Giphy is a GIF search engine that has a huge collection of gifs. If you’re comfortable with using JS or jQuery to perform DOM Manipulation, then this project will prove to be a great option for you. The aim of this project is to create a magnificent page to find GIFs that can be used by you.

The Giphy API will come in handy to implement this project. You can use it free of charge, and you won’t have to bother about the setup. Their API will enable you to show common gifs on your website, have an input that can search for specific gifs, and at the bottom of the results pages have a ‘Load More’ button to have more search suggestions.

GIF creation

10. Next.JS E-commerce Website

Next.js is by far the most common framework for the development of React apps that support rendering on the server side. This project will teach you how to build a shopping cart for e-commerce. E-commerce websites are extremely popular and are being used by the masses to purchase one thing or the other.

While working on this project, you will get an idea of how you can set up a development environment for Next.js, build new pages and components, retrieve data, style it, and deploy the next application in this project. To keep learning, it is always good to have a real-world example, such as an e-commerce demonstration.

In A Nutshell…

So, which project will you work on next? It does not matter if you are a student, a beginner, or professional switching to an entirely new language, these ideas will come in handy in times of need.

Most of the designing experience is gained by practice and implementing your skills and knowledge to practical use. You can watch as many videos or tutorials or even read books and take classes, but you will learn only once you start working on live projects. In our experience, the most efficient learning has been accomplished while dealing with actual projects. It is necessary to delve into some code and create something with the skills you have acquired on your way.

Now, it is entirely your call as to which project you want to begin working on. You can choose one of the options from our list or even try something new of your own. Make sure that you try to work on as many live projects as you can to become a master of one technology or skill.

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Q1. How to learn HTML & CSS?

Ans- You can start by learning HTML & CSS and practice as much as you can. Start building small projects using both of them. Watch as many tutorials as you can and move on to work on more complex projects.

Q2. What are the tools required for front-end projects?

Ans- Sublime Text
Chrome Developer Tools
Twitter Bootstrap

Q3. Are front-end developers in demand?

Ans- Yes, front-end developers are in high demand. Start-ups have increased and the use of mobile devices, which are solely based on app-based or web-based companies. A front-end developer is required for any application for any commercial websites or applications, which directly implies that there is more and more requirement for a front-end developer.