Why Choose Angular For Web Development Project?

Why Choose Angular For Web Development Project?
Why Choose Angular For Web Development Project?

Nowadays, every organization wants to make an impact with an online platform. This happens when business owners have a website that offers the best user experience and features and is reliable and efficient. However, with multiple options available in the market for web app development, which to choose from is always a question.

Business owners often get confused among different frameworks that are available in the market for web application development.  And one of the best web development frameworks in the market is AngularJs. The potency of Angular helps businesses cater to a broad array of business development needs and one must know how to implement best practices of Angular development to get expected outcomes. In this blog, we will discuss everything about AngularJs, a JavaScript framework that is a product of Google, its responsive app development feature, MVC architecture, and its versatility. To know more, let us go through this blog and see why choosing AngularJs is the best option.

What is AngularJS Web Development?

AngularJS is nothing but a structural framework that is used by app development companies to create dynamic web apps. It enables the developers to use HTML as a template language and also allows them to extend HTML’s syntax to express the components of the applications in a clear and precise way. AngularJs is a framework that HTML would have been, to create applications.

Some of the general features of the AngularJS framework are as follows −

  • AngularJs is a technology that provides developers with an option to write customer-side applications with the use of JavaScript in a clean MVC (Model View Controller) way.
  • It is an efficient framework that helps in creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA).
  • Applications written with the use of AngularJs are cross-browser compliant.
  • AngularJs is an open-source framework with completely free features. This framework is licensed under version 2.0 of Apache.

All in all, AngularJs is a framework that enables developers to create large-scale, easy-to-maintain, and high-performance web applications.

Advantages of AngularJs Framework

Some of the major advantages of AngularJs are:

  • AngularJs offers the capability to create Single Page Applications.
  • It is a technology that offers data binding capability to HTML.
  • It uses dependency injection.
  • The code of AngularJs is unit testable.
  • In AngularJs, views are complete HTML pages, and the controllers are written in JavaScript to do the business processing.
  • It offers reusable components.
  • AngularJs is a technology that offers developers more functionality with shortcodes.

Disadvantages of AngularJs Framework

Some of the major disadvantages of AngularJs are:

  • Being a JavaScript-only framework, all the website apps written in AngularJs are not entirely safe. And the main reason behind it is that applications require server-side authorization and authentication to keep them secure.
  • If the user of the AngularJs application disables JavaScript, then they cannot see anything except the basic page.

Top Reasons to Select AngularJs As a Web Development Framework

Top Reasons to Select AngularJs As a Web Development Framework
Top Reasons to Select AngularJs As a Web Development Framework

Many companies offer Angular web development services, so we need to be wise to choose from the lot. Some of the top reasons behind selecting AngularJs for web development:

Google Support

AngularJs is a framework created and maintained by a tech giant named Google. It is known as one of the best and most add best practiced AngularJs frameworks by the app development team members. Many of them prefer to take the advantage of AngularJs for developing web app projects. And the web toolkits by Google allow them to create a unique and user-friendly application. AngularJs was developed as the majority of the app developers had started using technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 as back-end and front-end languages. Besides, the service providers of Google also offer complete security to the AngularJs development framework users.

Easy Usage

With the use of AngularJs, the developers can get access to a lot of attributes that can make web app development an easy, time-saving, and effortless task. Besides, it also enables the developers to write less code and create an excellent application with more implementation time. AngularJs supports MVC architecture which makes the app development tasks, even more, easier for the development team. The developers will only have to work on getter and setter functions if they want to apply data models. And other team members who are not included in the app code can work on the directives.

Declarative Code Style for App Development

AngularJs web development framework is known for its declarative coding model that can be used to develop frequently accessible patterns which can result in lightweight code with optimum ease in writing and reading. The declarative doesn’t define and specify all the steps of the application but only the ones that can help to produce desired outcomes.

Two-way Data Binding

AngularJs is a framework that is highly demanded across various industries. And one of the main reasons behind it is its two-way data binding functionality. This means that if the developer makes changes in application objects that it can influence the user interface. And it can also be vice versa. In this framework, both chances of user actions taking place and module changing can go simultaneously.

A two-way data binding is a method in which when the framework gets triggered by any event in the web browser, it can cause the module and the user actions on the web page to update and change the required & necessary patterns. Besides this, if there is no requirement for directly manipulating and storing links to DOM, then the result is simply described with the use of model-state-terms

Excellent Community Support

AngularJs is an excellent technology that is built and maintained by skilled engineers of Google+ and Reddit. It is a framework that has excellent community support from both members of the core development team and those who make some fixes or suggest improvements. All the committee members held worldwide conferences for all the AngularJs developers and discussed various IT queries. Besides this, there are many different books and online resources available in the market on AngularJs for developers. This means that the developers don’t only get a chance to be part of the huge open-source community, but can also associate with shrewd engineers to get their queries answered.

SPA-Oriented Features

SPAs and AngularJs simply belong together. For instance, AngularJs offers different forms of validation capabilities. If a web page uses forms then the FormController helps in writing down its states. With the use of this data, the developer can easily change the behavior of the HTML elements in the user interface. Besides, AngularJs comes with built-in validates that can help in handling & tracking errors and can enable the creation of validates if required.

Improved Flexibility for Application Creation

In AngularJs, all the channels are independent of capacities and they can enable filtration of the information before it can reach the view. These may differ from application to application as per the functions like putting decimal places on a number, executing pagination, and turning a content string. The channels of AngularJs are used in administrations, controllers, formats, and directives. These upgrades can be resourceful and they can be handled with the use of an HTML table with no JavaScript.

To Wrap Up With

As seen in this blog, AngularJs is one of the fastest-growing web app development technologies that has become the most preferred framework for all developers who want to create feature-rich solutions. If you are a business owner, hire a Web Development Company that has experienced AngularJs developers who can create the desired product. Besides, if you are still confused, study all the above-listed points, so that it can help you in choosing the right i.e; AngularJs framework.

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What is the benefit of AngularJs?

It provides data binding capability to HTML. Thus, it gives users a rich and responsive experience. AngularJS code is unit testable. AngularJS uses dependency injection and makes use of the separation of concerns.

Why Angular.Js is popular?

Modularity is one of the prime reasons why AngularJS is popular among web developers. It allows and enables web developers to create multiple modules for a single web application.

List general disadvantages of AngularJS.

AngularJS Disadvantages

No specific way.


Not supported everywhere.